Gas equipment with experience and expertise

Fingas is a trusted supplier of industrial gas equipment and components for natural gas, liquid petroleum gas and biogas. We represent several European gas equipment manufacturers whose products have been in use in Finland already for decades.


Why use gas?

Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas are excellent fuel options for industrial use due to their energy efficiency. When natural gas and LPG burn, they generate only water vapour and carbon dioxide. This means that they can be used for various different processes ranging for example from industrial heat treatment to processes in the food industry.

Natural gas and LPG are very effective fuels since there is practically no heat transfer loss as the combustion gases can be directed straight to the space that requires heating. Gas is also an environmentally friendly option and the combustion gases do not require separate cleansing. The use of biogas is also growing continuously as different kinds of waste can nowadays be better utilised. With the right equipment biogas can be made into clean, efficient and environmentally friendly energy.


Fingas is a trustworthy partner when it comes to gas equipment

-Antti Melanen, AME Huolto

Customer service is the cornerstone of the operation of Fingas

Providing a sensation of personal and accurate customer service is the cornerstone of the operation of Fingas. We strive to be always available when our customers need us. It is of utmost importance to us, that the customer will get the products that were promised, and have them delivered at the time it was promised.

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