Air Circulation Heaters

Combat ELU- Heater
MARK GSD- Heater
MARK GS+ -Heater

Air circulation heaters are especially suitable for low spaces where there are lots of shelves or other constructions that compartmentalise the space. Air circulation heaters can easily be placed for example up on the wall where they do not obstruct other activities. The heaters we import run with either natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas. The combustion gases can be led directly to the space that is being heated or outside if needed. The heaters can also be used as ventilating fans in the summer. The unit capacity of the air circulation heaters stretches from 15 kW to 150 kW. In addition to regular heaters MARK also has condensing heaters. These heaters can achieve an extremely high operation efficiency which is, in theory, over 100%

Fingas represents two traditional heater manufacturers in Finland; Combat and MARK. Both of these manufacturers offer a wide range of air circulation heaters. A range from which you are sure to find a suitable heating solution for your needs.

We have imported Roberts Gordon (nowadays Combat) heaters into Finland for over 15 years and they are currently widely in use everywhere in Finland. MARK heaters have also been a familiar sight in the Finnish markets already for decades. In the end of 2014 Fingas and MARK made a collaboration agreement and Fingas started as the official importer of MARK heaters and their spare parts in Finland.

With the help of these two manufacturers we can offer a very comprehensive range of equipment for gas-run air heating.

See manufacturers websites for more information: CombatMARK.

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