Hot Water Boilers

SIME RMG- Hot Water Boiler
SIME RS – Hot Water Boiler

Gas-fired hot water boilers are a practical way of heating domestic water, if there is natural gas or LPG available on the premises. With gas-fired hot water boilers, it is possible to conveniently produce hot circulation water for the needs of radiators in the vicinity of the industrial space as well.

In our range of products we have Italian SIME hot water boilers. SIME boilers are made out of cast iron and they represent durable and modern technology. The boilers are run by an in-built atmospheric gas burner and due to this, there are hardly any moving parts in a hot water boiler. This is why the boilers are very quiet and almost never require maintenance. RMG Mk. II -boilers offer 70-110 kW capacity and they are excellent for heating warm operational water or process water. The bigger RS Mk. II -boiler offer the capacity of 130-280 kW. These units are suitable for heating the circulating water of a whole industrial complex.

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