Infrared Radiant Heaters


Infrared Radiant Heaters – An Energy Efficient Solution

Infrared radiant heating is an energy efficient and pleasant way to heat large spaces. The energy efficiency of the heaters is based on the fact that, with the heaters the work station area can be kept comfortable without heating the vast mass of air.

Infrared radiant heaters are especially suitable for heating large and high spaces, but an infrared radiant heater can also be an excellent choice for more focused heating. Gas-fired infrared radiant heaters can be used in various industrial processes where an object needs to be heated. Fingas has supplied infrared radiant heaters for example for steel heat treatment processes as well as fish processing.


Fingas represents MARK- and HOAF Technologies’ high-quality infrared radiant heaters in Finland.  HOAF produces steel matrix heaters (7-22 kW) which can be used as process heaters as well as portable area heaters that are especially suitable for heating in the construction sites and working areas.

In addition Fingas supplies heater packages that can be assembled in accordance with the customer’s needs.The package can include for example a gas hose, pressure regulator and/or a safety cover made of steel. Additionally we have moveable, self-standing infrared radiant heaters, equipped with overturn protection. These infrared radiant heater packages are well-suited for example for construction sites.

Read more about HOAF infrared radiant heaters and other gas applications on the manufacturer’s website. For more information you can also contact us.