Biogas Equipment

Our range of products includes biogas equipment by an Italian manufacturer Progeco. Fingas imports for example different kinds of filters, washers, dryers, desulphuration units, flame arresters, gas analysers, heat exchangers and flares. Progeco supplies biogas equipment on a part by part basis, or in larger complexes in accordance with the customer’s needs. There is a comprehensive catalogue which covers nearly all of the equipment. You can read the catalogue here.

Many of the gas train equipment sold by Fingas are also suitable for biogas. For example the Kromschröder motorised valves are in use in many biogas plants in Finland. Moreover, Marchel produces filters that have been especially designed for biogas. You can also find Elgas biogas flow meters in our range of products.

Moreover, we supply gas blowers, compressor/pressure reduction units and storage solutions for biogas projects. In practice you can find everything you need for a biogas project from Fingas!

If you need more information about the biogas equipment, please contact us.

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