Gas filters

Marchel – filters

Marchel filtering equipment are one of the corner stones of our business. Marchel is a German manufacturer and their selection includes filters with aluminium as well as cast iron bodies for pressure ranges from 0 to 16 bars and for many different filtering grades. Marchel has special ranges for biogas use and for cases where special level of fire safety is required.

In addition to gas filters, Marchel offers also for example pressure gauges and axial compensators for pipe lines.

GTS Thielmann and Medenus – filters

For more complex projects, where operating or ambient conditions are demanding by means of temperature or pressure, we supply also filters from GTS Thielmann and Medenus.

With access to the selection of these three German manufacturers, we can supply a suitable product for almost every filtering demand your business might have.

Spare parts we supply basically for all major filter brands including the above mentioned Marchel, GTS Thielmann and Medenus, but also for Kromschröder, Madas, Dungs, RMG and Maxitrol filters.

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