Pressure regulation and
safety devices

We can supply pressure regulators from almost every manufacturer on the market.

This way we can find the best solution for most processes and budgets. It is also possible to find exact replacement for old devices in most cases. Last regulator before burner is often something from Dungs or Kromschröder whereas LPG vaporizing plants are often equipped with a Fiorentini regulator.

Small heaters require small governors from GOK or Mondial for example and for more robust units, a Fisher regulator can be a good solution. Medenus on the other hand, has range designed specifically for biogases.

On many occasions, the pressure regulator can be equipped with integrated safety relief and/or safety shut-off valves. In addition, we can supply independent safety devices for example from Rego, Fiorentini, Madas, Medenus, Swagelok, etc..