Gas Warning Units

Gas warning unit

A gas warning system is a basic requirement for spaces where gas is constantly used or stored. Gas warning system is also a significant part of the safe functioning of a modern industrial establishment.

Fingas represents german GWS in Finland, and has imported their high-quality gas warning units and equipments into Finland for more than two decades. GWS gas warning systems can be equipped with 1-98 sensors, and a wished number of sirens and warning lights. The number of these may depend for example on the size of the space. It is also possible to forward the alarm to a process controlling system or other comparable data system.

GWS gas warning systems are not only for natural gas or LPG. They can also be used for example in processes where oxygen is used or processes where carbon monoxide or other harmful gases may accumulate. The sensors of new systems are calibrated for the right gas by the manufacturer but Fingas also supplies calibrating gases for maintenance purposes.

In our range of products we also have easy-to-use, portable leak detectors.

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