LPG Vaporizers

Fingas imports LPG vaporizers, as well as complete vaporizing and pressure reduction stations by a number of manufacturers. We represent Fienemann Torpedo and T.A.G (previously Samtech) in Finland. Both of these manufacturers produce electronically heated as well as hot water- and steam heated vaporizers. Additionally Torpedo manufactures dry vaporizers that operate without heat transfer liquid and are especially suitable for smaller processes that require under 100 kg/hour LPG.

Both Fienemann Torpedo and T.A.G. also produce ready-for-use vaporizing units for all capacities. These units can include one or more vaporizers, a pressure reduction line and all the important gas train and safety equipment in accordance with the customer’s needs. Depending on the size and the end use of the unit, it can be ready-fitted into a cabinet, container or other kind of protective structure.

Torpedo ET8TO vaporizer as part of a vaporizing unit
Electrically heated ES 1000 vaporizer
WW hot water heated vaporizer

Torpedo – Vaporizers
Uncompromising quality is the defining characteristic of the design and manufacturing of the torpedo vaporizers. This can be seen from the high-quality components and above all from the neat, durable, and well-functioning end-product. This is why experts of the field tend to refer to Torpedo vaporizers as “the Mercedes” of the vaporizers.
There are four different ranges of vaporizers:

ET8TO is an electrically heated, dry type vaporizer which is available with 12-100 kg/h vaporizing capacity. The heat transfers from the electric coil to the gas through an aluminium core.

ES is an electrically heated vaporizer with heat transfer liquid. Sizes range from 60 kg/hour to 800 kg/hour. Unlike the electrically heated vaporizers of many other manufacturers, Torpedo ES vaporizers heat up with many small heating cores. These cores have the capacity of only few kilowatts each, but having many of them increases the reliability of performance, since there is no significant harm done if one of them gets damaged.

DS is a steam heated vaporizer with heat transfer liquid. The capacity of the vaporizer can range from 60-800 kg/h.

WW is a vaporizer heated with hot water. It is especially suitable to large-scale processes where hot water is readily available for example from a hot water boiler. The smallest hot water heated vaporizers have the capacity of 100 kg/h while the largest have the high vaporizing capacity of 4000 kg/h.

Torpedo also manufactures vaporizers for other gases, such as ammonia.

See more pictures of Torpedo- vaporizers.

100 kg/h electrically heated vaporizer with ATEX- control panel

T.A.G. – Vaporizers

An Italian company T.A.G has bought the rights for the Samtech vaporizers which were imported to Finland for decades. From 2011 onwards T.A.G has been manufacturing vaporizers in accordance with Samtech’s technical drawings.

From T.A.G.’s range of products you can find both electrically heated FOE (50-600 kg/h) vaporizers and hot water heated FOA (100-2000 kg/h) vaporizers. The vaporizers can be equipped with ATEX-classified, on-board control panel which is suitable for harzardous areas. The vaporizer can also be equipped with a lighter control panel, that can be installed outside the hazardous area. Additionally the vaporizers can be equipped with level switches for heat transfer liquid and liquid gas.

Samtech and T.A.G. Vaporizers have also been much used for example for vaporizing carbon dioxide.

Since some of the components of the old Samtech vaporizers and the new T.A.G. vaporizers are not interchangeable, Fingas keeps all the significant spare parts for both vaporizers readily available in stock.

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