Project references- Some of our bigger and more interesting projects

Below we have listed some of our bigger projects where Fingas (and previously Finnwatt) has had a notable role as the supplier of equipment.


Snellmanin Lihanjalostus Oy


Fingas supplied Snellman with a pressure reduction station with which the pressure of the refined bio-methane is lowered from 250 bars to a pressure of approximately twobars in a two-staged process. Additionally we supplied gas train equipment for the gas supply line as well as a gas warning system.

This project was a successful pilot project of automated pressure reduction apparatus for especially high-pressured gas.


Pipe train equipment and a small gas warning system for burner capacity enlargement project.

Kyrö Distillery Company (Rye Rye Oy)

Kyrö Distillery started to use cleaned biogas as their primary fuel of the heat intensive processes on their new rye whisky line. They also replaced fuel oil with biogas on their older production lines.  We delivered the essential pipe line equipment for the biogas.

Ruukki Construction Oy, Ruukki Metals Oy, Ruukki Stainless Steel & Aluminium Oy, Tibnor Oy, SSAB Oy

The cooperation with Ruukki has started already when the names of our clients were still for example ASVA and Rannilla. Since then, we have supplied large-scale gas equipment apparatuses for many of Ruukki’s and SSAB Europe’s service centres all around Finland. Below you can see some of the projects:

Ruukki Construction Oy / Vimpeli (previously Rannila Steel Oy)

– 14 x 21 kW Infrared Radiant Heaters, 2003
– 34 x 21 kW Infrared Radiant Heaters, 2005
– 200 kg/h LPG Vaporizer, 2005
– 15 x 17 kW Infrared Radiant Heaters, 2014
– Gas Warning System (33 sensors), 2014

Ruukki Construction Oy / Alajärvi


– 2 x 520 kW + 1 x 400 kW Gas Burners
– 2 x 200 kg/h LPG Vaporizers
– Gas Warning System (24 sensors)
– 55 x 21 kW Infrared Radiant Heaters + Control System
– Gas Train Equipment


– Pipeline and tank area equipment

Ruukki Metals Oy / Hyvinkää (now SSAB Europe Oy)


– 52 x 35 kW Infrared Radiant Heaters + Control System
– 110 kW Air Circulation Heater + Control System
– Gas Train Equipment


New Infrared Radiant heaters to replace old ones

Ruukki Metals Oy / Seinäjoki (previously ASVA Oy, today SSAB Europe Oy),


– 60 x 21 kW + 8 x 35 kW Infrared Radiant Heater + Control system
– 2 x 110 kW Air Circulation Heaters + Control system
– Gas Warning System (8 sensors), Oxygyne warning system (7 sensors)
– Gas Train Equipment


– 2 x 110 kW Air Circulation Heaters


– 6 x 17 kW + 6 x 35 kW Infrared radiant heaters + Control system
– 1 x 80 kW fresh air heater
– Piping equipment


2 x 80 kW Fresh air heaters
5 x 33 kW Infrared radiant heaters

Ruukki Metals Oy / Raahe (today SSAB Europe Oy)

– LPG Vaporizer (2 x 50 kg/h) + Gas Train Equipment, 2004
– Replacement Air Heater + Control Relay, 2 x 111 kW, 2005

Cramo Finland Oy

We have supplied Cramo with infrared radiant heater packages which are easily moveable and thus well suited for rental use.


50 x 11 kW Infrared radiant heater, supported in an upright position by built-on stand, equipped with overturn protection + gas hose + pressure regulator


300 x 11 kW Infrared radiant heater with sturdy protective iron fitting + gas hose + pressure regulator
50 x Gas bottle connector, by which two gas bottles can be connected to feed the main hose together
30 x Gas manifold with which the gas from the main hose can be divided into five different targets

Oy KWH Mirka Ab

Cooperation with KWH Mirka has been constant ever since the 1990s when Finnwatt was founded. Since then we have had the opportunity take part in many interesting projects.

LPG Vaporizer (200 kg/h), 2004
Gas Burners (1 x 250 kW, 1 x 500 kW), 2005
Gas Burners(3 x 550 kW), 2008
LPG Vaporizer (300 kg/h), 2012
Gas Train Equipment for a Biogas Line, 2013
Torpedo 2 x 1500 kg/h  LPG Vaporizing Unit and Pressure Reduction Station, 2016 More information about the project here

More information about the project here

BE Group Oy

We have been a supplier in several large-scale projects of the BE Group Oy. We have supplied equipment for both natural gas and LPG for many different BE Group branches.

BE Group Oy / Lahti (previously Starckjohann Steel Oy), 2003

70 x 21 kW Infrared Radiant Heaters + Control System
Gas Warning System (12 Sensors)
Gas Train Equipment

BE Group Oy / Turku (previously Starckjohann Steel Oy) 2006

26 x 21 kW Infrared Radiant Heaters + Control System
LPG Vaporizer (350 kg/h)
Gas Train Equipment

BE Group Oy / Lapua, 2007

Infrared Heater + Control Relay, 22 x 21 kW
LPG Vaporizer (2 x 200 kg/h)
Gas Warning System (8 anturia)
Gas Train Equipment

BE Group Oy / Lapua 2011

10 x 21 kW Infrared Radiant Heaters


Fingas has regularly supplied Oy AGA Ab with vaporizers for vaporizing carbon dioxide. The models in use at AGA are remodelled versions of LPG vaporizers and their capacity is typically 100-200kg/h (16-32 kW). During the years, we have supplied AGA almost 30 vaporizers, most recently in 2021. We have delivered CO2 vaporizer also to AGA Sweden and AGA Estonia.